the view 1

The View 1


It is located in the Beit Al-Watan area on an area of ​​919 meters, where the building percentage is 50% of the total area of ​​the plot

It was designed on 4 floors (basement + ground floor + 3 upper floors), each floor contains three apartments, and we took into account in our design that all units overlook the sea


The first sea view – three corners – stone facades – three entrances – elevators – green spaces – garage – private garden on the ground floor – store for residents

Pictures of the piece in construction

Pictures of the piece

Role charts in the widget

Ground floor type 1 175m

Ground floor type 2 170m

Ground floor type 2 195m

Recurring role type 1 205m

Apartment 4 first loft

Apartment 7, second floor

Sq 10 upper third

recurring role type 2 175m

Apartment 5 first loft

Apartment 8, second floor

Sq 11 upper third

recurring role type 3 215m

Apartment 6 first loft

Apartment 9, second floor

12th floor, upper third

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