City icon  Business complex project

City Icon Business Complex

City icon Business complex is the best destination for your commercial and administrative activity  

It is characterized by distinctive and modern architectural characteristics that suit your administrative activities with an area of ​​670 square meters

The city icon is located in a distinguished investment location in the central area in front of the stadium and Wadi Degla Club, in the facade of friendship with success for your brand and administration.

It consists of 6 commercial and administrative floors and includes more than 48 units

basement – Ground floor – Mezzanine – First floor – First top – Roof

Sections of the Mall


The first three floors are allocated with various spaces suitable for all commercial activities, including shops, cafes, and dedicated spaces for banks.


These floors are dedicated to administrative units with a unique approach to your administrative activities. They offer various spaces and modern designs, in addition to having a private reception for each unit, which features a modern administrative style that fosters productivity and success.

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